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Fees Collection Statement Policy

Parents of WFDC club members will be aware that deadlines for fees collection are now being more strictly enforced.  It is important to note that a child will not be allowed to dive if fees have not been received by the start of the new term.

The reasons detailed below highlight the collection policy rationale:

Reasons for Fees Collection Policy

  • Lowest Fees - The club has some of the lowest fees in London but costs do not remain static
  • Preventing Fee Increases- The committee strives to delay fee increases for as long as possible and also to ensure that any unavoidable increase is as low as possible.  Consequently, the committee needs to achieve the following:
    • Maximise the income of the club using the limited number of places available, and
    • Ensure a constant revenue stream across terms
  • Membership Cancellation – There has been a problem with some divers leaving but not telling the club for several weeks.  This means that a fee generating place is lost to the club’s coffers
  • Late and Lost Payments - problems with payment makes for a very unpredictable income stream which then makes budgeting very difficult
  • Low Number of Members (approx 60) – This means that every unrealised termly fee makes for quite a significant gap in our cost/income ratio
  • New Divers Waiting List – We have a waiting list of new divers which means that every place not taken up costs the club real money
  • Volunteers’ Resources – The club is run by just a few volunteers who would ideally like to devote their limited available time to work more usefully for the benefit of the club and its members.  However, the effort needed to chase late fees significantly and negatively affects their ability to achieve this aim

The committee trusts that parents will understand the reason for the new fees collection regime which aims to strengthen the club’s position and ensure a stronger future for diving in Waltham Forest.

Reporting Late Payments

If any  parent has a genuine short term hardship then of course the club will discuss a limited grace period for slightly delayed payment by agreement.

Please ensure that you put in for a request for a late payment concession two weeks before the end of the current term, well in time for when the next term’s fee payments are due.

No Refunds or Frozen Membership

Please be aware it is not possible for the club to refund any missed sessions, the club cannot be held responsible for any absence that is out of the club’s control.

In addition, it is not possible to freeze a membership, as our limited places are too valuable and only settlement of fees secures placement for your child.