Please monitor this section for any urgent WFDC alerts.

Registration & Fees

Fees are charged as below:-

  • 1 session £50.00
  • 2 sessions £68.00   (by coach’s invitation only for squad divers)

To assist us we do respectfully ask that parents / carers ensure that their child’s fees are paid on time.   A lot of time consuming and unfortunately sometimes rather dull work is needed just to keep the club running.   Those of us giving our time would much rather that our limited energies are directed towards actively improving the club’s status than chasing late fees.

Next Term’s Fees

Fees for the next term should be settled promptly when the last lesson of the current session is taken.

Fee Due Dates (Calendar)

Please regularly check the club calendar for the dates when fees are due.

Fees Policy

Please note that divers will not be allowed on poolside during term until fees have been paid – or a specific arrangement to pay within 4 weeks of the start of term has been made with Ian or Alison.