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Jack Petchey Award


Millie Mason and Hope Blackwell receive their Jack Petchey Awards

Almost 2,000 schools, colleges and youth organisations throughout London and Essex run the scheme, which contributes millions of pounds each year. The scheme is a reward and recognition initiative which enables schools and youth organisations to celebrate the achievements of their young people as well as receive additional funding.

“We do it because we want to help young people raise their aspirations, believe in themselves and make a contribution to their society.” Jack Petchey

Waltham Forest Diving Club became part of the Jack Petchey Award Scheme in April 2013, as a Bronze scheme participant.  This means we can award three of our young people the Jack Petchey award every year in recognition of their contribution to our club.  The award is accompanied by £200 grant which has to be spent in accordance with JPF guidelines.  To date the following young people have won this award through the club

Hope Blackwell June 2013

After a long illness, Hope returned to diving and pushed herself hard to make up for lost time. She serves as an inspiration to others in the face of adversary. Hope spent her prize money on taking six divers for a full day at Southend diving pool and also used their dry land facilities and treated everyone to something to eat afterwards.

Millie Mason  November 2013

Millie won the Jack Petchey award because she always pushes herself to achieve better results every time. Her drive has meant she is one of our top divers. Her award was spent on taking 7 other divers and 2 coaches to Crystal palace,  doing a level 2 coaching course and harness training for more experienced divers to help them with more complex dives

Laura Bracegirdle  March 2014

Laura is an inspiration to other divers in the club by showing her unwavering commitment. She attends every session and has made great progress in her dives.   She used her award money  to pay for  a fun session for all diver in the diving pool at the Waltham Forest Pool and Track and the end of season closing party before the move to the Aquatics centre.

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